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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

YTubePlayer 2.0.495

YTubePlayer 2.0.495
Eran Ifrah - 6.9MB (Freeware)
YTubePlayer is a simple application that allows you to create your own YouTube playlists. With YTubePlayer, you can:

  • · Listen to your favorite YouTube streams in the comfort of your Desktop
  • · Take advantage of your Desktop Multimedia Keyboard - no more switching to your browser to choose the next song
  • · Use the Toolbar mode to listen to your playlists in the background (the Toolbar is always on top)
  • · Use built-in search facilities (Ctrl-F) to search directly on YouTube
  • · Play feeds directly from YouTube, No download is needed
  • · Share your playlists by sending them to other YTubePlayers using the built-in “share” facilities
  • · Create and manage your playlists in a click

What's New in This Release:

New features:

· The player UI got a major face lift.
· The main interface now provides easy access to RadioTube features.
· Watch movie trailers and game trailers directly from YTubePlayer.

Major improvements:

· Added new way for scanning "related" video clips, the new method provides more accurate results.
· Added new filter types to RadioTube - "Prefer sound quality over video quality" and "Include full albums"
Playlists management is more intuative:
· Multiple selection of items
· Delete items using the keyboard
· Play video clips on YouTube website
· Icon updates
· Search dialog improved.
· Multiple bug fixes.


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