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Friday, 27 April 2012

Total Commander 8.0 RC 1

Total Commander 8.0 RC 1
Christian Ghisler - 3.29MB (Shareware) - beta
Total Commander is a file manager for Windows similar to well-known DOS file manager.

Total Commander can handle archives as if they were subdirectories. It also has an internal ZIP-compatible packer. The search function allows you to search for files inside archives, even for text.
  •     Two file windows side by side
  •     Multiple language support
  •     Enhanced search function
  •     Compare files (now with editor) / synchronize directories
  •     Quick View panel with bitmap display
  •     ZIP, ARJ, LZH, RAR, UC2, TAR, GZ, CAB, ACE archive handling + plugins
  •     Built-in FTP client with FXP (server to server) and HTTP proxy support
  •     Parallel port link, multi-rename tool
  •     Tabbed interface, regular expressions, history+favorites buttons
  •     Thumbnails view, custom columns, enhanced search
  •     Compare editor, cursor in lister, separate trees, logging, enhanced overwrite dialog, and more

Change Log:

· Added: SelectionFocus=1 or color: Draw focus differently when there are selected files in that panel. Add $4000000 to only show when on not selected item (32/64)
· Fixed: Unpacking file from multi-volume ZIP: Don't ask for disk change if the file is in the last part, which contains the zip central directory (32/64)
· Fixed: Files - Change attributes: Date field was not focused when checking option "Change date/time" with the keyboard shortcut (64)
· Fixed: The program msdvev.exe was incorrectly detected as a self-extracting LHA archive (32/64)
· Fixed: Do not re-read active panel (e.g. from background operation) during Ctrl+Tab operation, when user switches through folder tabs (32/64)
· Fixed: Multi-rename tool: Text in "Rename mask: File name" box wasn't always selected when opening the dialog (32)
· Fixed: Windows 8: Do not resolve links pointing to other volumes in the form "\\?\Volume{" (when double clicking on file, see fix 20.03.12 below) (32/64)
· Added: AppendLnk ini option: New value 2 (now the default) sets the behaviour described below. Set to 0 for behaviour as in TC7.x (32/64)
· Fixed: When creating *.lnk files, do not truncate directory names after first dot, e.g. directory.ext -> directory.ext.lnk (32/64)
· Fixed: OPENBAR command: Support double quotes around parameter (.bar file), do not show "As administrator" (32/64)
· Fixed: Handle OPENBAR command in button bar the same way as when specifying the .bar name directly (including "as menu" option and overlay) (32/64)
· Fixed: Could no longer close Synchronize dirs after comparing two files (one in a RAR), changing both, and re-packing (32/64)
· Fixed: While a MessageBox was open in Lister or Compare by Content, TAB didn't work in TC, and ESC in other Lister windows -> handle it manually (32)
· Fixed: Lister: When searching repeatedly for the same string with Ctrl+F (not F3), directly consecutive patterns were skipped (32/64)
· Fixed: Improved layout of multi-rename tool a bit (64)
· Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Could no longer delete files from UAC-protected dirs to recycle bin (reason: deletion per folder) (32/64)
· Fixed: Verify checksums: ESC closed the dialog without aborting the verification (64)
· Fixed: Verify checksums: Crashed when user closed main TC and ignored warning about active comparison (64)
· Fixed: Nag dialog: Some texts were now in bold by mistake (64)


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