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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Nitro PDF Reader

Nitro PDF Reader
Nitro PDF / ARTS PDF - (Freeware)
Nitro PDF Reader is the PDF solution you’ve been waiting for: where free does not equate to compromise.

Create PDF files, fill-in and save forms, review and collaborate electronically, stamp your signature, type text directly on the page, repurpose content, and work with electronic documents in a way that’s never before been possible in a free PDF reader.

With a best-in-class feature set, revolutionary ease-of-use, and none of the traditional pains associated with free PDF software, Nitro PDF Reader does everything you ever wanted in a PDF reader, the way you’ve always wanted to do it. All in all, this application includes all the features you ever wanted in a basic PDF reader and none of the ones you don't need.


Expect More:

· Many users of free PDF readers expect compromise.
· It might be limited functionality — or none at all. Maybe "free" equates to in-product advertising, forced registration, and constant attempts to upsell you a paid product. Perhaps it's an oversize download, with security concerns and updates so frequent you wonder why you're doing so much, for so little in return.
· Not anymore. With Nitro Reader you can start doing more, without the compromise you've come to expect.
· Work with PDF the way you want

Work with PDF the way you want:

· Not just a reader or viewer, Nitro Reader does a whole lot more. With a user experience and interface that aim to redefine your expectation of "free" alongside premium features, you may start to wonder why you ever used anything else.
· Start controlling your work and the way people access it, using the only free PDF reader that allows you to create PDF files.
· Extract content from PDF files

Extract content from PDF files:

· Repurpose PDF-based content you used to think was locked away, with powerful tools to extract text and images for reuse wherever you need them.

Collaborate digitally:

· Join the collaboration cycle with best-in-class tools to comment, markup, and review PDF files with the ease of pen and paper.


· Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster processor
· RAM: 512 MB system memory (1 GB recommended)
· Display: 1024x768 screen resolution
· Installation footprint: 106 MB
· Available space: Up to 335 MB of available hard drive space
· Microsoft Office 2003 or newer (required for Microsoft Office integrated features)
· Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (or above)

Change Log:

New Features:

· Support for 64-Bit Thumbnail Viewer.
· Windows 64-bit Thumbnail Provider generates navigable previews of PDF files from within the Windows Explorer Preview Pane.
· Selection Tools Web Browser Plug-in.
· Addition of Select tool to Web browser plug-in: now supports Copy/Paste functionality from within Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.
· Page View Zoom from 1% to 6400%.
· Expanded maximum and minimum zoom settings to 6400% and 1% respectively.
· Enhancements to Nitro PDF Creator Significant improvements to performance and robustness of creator, reduced size of resultant files.

Bug Fixes:

· Viewing a PDF in IE9 shows the pdf in the upper left corner small.
· Creating a QuickSign profile from a PDF file crashes Nitro.
· Resizing text within Typewriter objects causes spacing issues.
· Bugsplat Stack Key ID: 217 - Nitro crashes with selecting Options in the Create from File dialog.
· Bugsplat Stack key ID 51 - Nitro crashes immediately when opening document.
· PDF files made using TeX - mathematics symbols are not rendered.
· Issues using web browser plugin with Firefox 5.
· Print jobs generate blank pages.
· Evernote plugin under Preferences > Plugin Manager is displaying incorrect status (checked/unchecked).
· Table lines in spreadsheet are not converted.
· Adding spaces in front of a keyword when searching crashes Nitro.
· Cannot use Markup Text on a page that has both vertical and horizontal text.
· [Bookmarks] - Go to a page in another document opens the document at 1% zoom.
· Incorrect font being substituted.
· BugSplat ID 2132 & 2133 - File crashes Nitro while loading (64-bit machines only).
· Transparent watermark being printed as solid.
· Wingdings font is not being processed by Nitro Pro7/Reader2.
· Web browser plugin not working for some links in FF and Chrome.
· Certain Typewriter objects created in Nitro Reader 1 disappear when edited using Nitro Reader 2.
· Print to physical HP printer, and the image color is distorted.
· CHANTHABANE (TrueType) font is displaying as gibberish characters.
· Nitro crashing when attempting to add text after collapsing all comments in Comments Panel.
· jpeg2000 image - JPXDecodeStream fails to load.
· Text Selection is not pulling all paragraph text.
· Popup annotation does not display more than 13 characters for the subject.
· Conversion from Word 2010 to PDF results in a single image being broken up into smaller images.
· Comments summary in comments panel ... flashes.
· DWG file converted via Nitro PDF Creator is missing values. Primo creates the file without issues.
· When selecting a specific folder to convert/export to, the Browse For Folder dialog is not locked in focus.
· Text is garbled on conversion on Windows 2008 server.
· Create PDF - Nitro will convert files when Specific Folder is chosen but no folder has been selected.
· Cursor is missing after creating more than one QuickSign profile in the same session.
· QuickSign profile name is corrupted when using unicode characters.
· Browser plugin print preview for reversed pages does not allow page navigation.
· Popup annotation only displays text from line 1 & 2 when adding text via Comments pane.
· Unchecked checkboxes are all printing as checked boxes.
· No message to explain that destination folder does not have Write permissions during Export.
· Double-clicking word on end of line selects extra text.
· Drag and drop a file into the Create PDF from File dialog in Reader doesn't work.
· Undo/Redo doesn't work for the Alignment tab for Typewriter objects.
· Incorrect dialog displayed when Specific folder is select but no folder is specified.
· Print to PDF from Microsoft Navision has Auto Row Height errors.
· Recent documents not added to Win7 "recent" jump-list.
· Arial Black font does not get converted correctly via Nitro PDF Creator.

                                                                    (32-bit, 28.67 MB)

                                                                    (64-bit, 35.57 MB)