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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

FastPictureViewer 1.7 Build 244

Axel Rietschin Software Developments - (Commercial Trial)
FastPictureViewer, an image viewer designed for photographers. Now with powerful workflow tools helping to automate file management duties like copy, move, delete, save-for-web and more.

  •     Fastest RAW viewer ever. Period.
  •     Instant zooming to 100% view, for quick sharpness checks. Best in industry!
  •     RGB histogram, EXIF shooting data and Adobe XMP Rating/Label/Urgency instant display.
  •     Instantaneous display of the next image in line (when computer resources allows).
  •     Instant industry-standard Adobe XMP compatible rating and tagging.
  •     Fast tethered shooting through MTP/PTP. Tether a Nikon D3S or D3X in 64 bit, today!
  •     Supports most common image formats, including Adobe DNG, plus specialists formats such as OpenEXR, DDS, PNM and more, through separately installable image codecs.

Both 32 and 64 bit versions are available.

Change Log:

- Added an option to reverse the image list's sort order. Works for name sort as well as all data/time sort modes.